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Installed LaTeX plugin for WordPress

March 8th, 2009 by Ivan Lakhturov | 0 Category: Miscellaneous | Tags: |

I tried wpmathpub plugin, but it didn't work for me. Now thanks to Craig Rose I have a better plugin for math notation. It uses an external service (usually WordPress server) for turning LaTeX-notation into pics, and thus capable of much more than wpmathpub plugin (that uses the PhpMathPublisher library and implements just a small subset of TeX-formulae).

\tanh x =  \frac{\sinh x}{\cosh x} = \frac {\frac {e^x - e^{-x}} {2}} {\frac {e^x + e^{-x}} {2}} = \frac {e^x - e^{-x}} {e^x + e^{-x}} = \frac{e^{2x} - 1} {e^{2x} + 1} = -i \tan ix

Now with math notation possible to post here I will think up and publish some optimizations for Project Euler problems.

Code colorizer installed

March 3rd, 2009 by Ivan Lakhturov | 0 Category: Miscellaneous | Tags: |

I found the Source Code syntax highlighting plugin for WordPress, which makes use of GeSHi highliter and installed it. Now to get proper colorizing (the default code-tag of WordPress looks pale) for Scheme code I embed it into <pre lang="scheme">...<pre> tags.

Actually, I dont like default colors and already created dups of templates for Scheme R6RS and Nemerle. But will elaborate those later.

There is also JavaScript-based highligher named SHJS, which can simulate different IDEs, i.e. has many templates for each language, but the list of supported languages looks somewhat narrower and doesn't contain Lisp / Scheme. Which is not a problem of course, but anyway, I don't want client-side colorizing.

Hacked the WordPress theme again

March 3rd, 2009 by Ivan Lakhturov | 0 Category: Miscellaneous | Tags: |

Now you can see tags nearby postings. This is simply by adding the clause

<?php the_tags('<strong>Tags:</strong> ', ' | ', ''); ?>

to the <div class="date_author_comments"> in files single.php, index.php, search.php and archive.php of the WhitePress theme (version 1.1.7).

Backing up and upgrading WordPress

March 3rd, 2009 by Ivan Lakhturov | 0 Category: Miscellaneous | Tags: |

Overlooked the manual for backing up. It seems, the easiest way of backing up a WordPress database, listed here is to use the appropriate plugin. Installation didn't bring troubles. Backed up the DB also smoothly, however, had to choose "save to server" option, cause "download to my computer" didn't work (in Opera browser). There are just 10 tables in WordPress engine. Upgraded the engine using the manual without a problem as well.

Hacking WordPress engine a bit

February 21st, 2009 by Ivan Lakhturov | 0 Category: Miscellaneous | Tags: |

Just switched to a new WordPress theme (skin). Despite minimalistic, had to threw out several things from a sidebar.

I didn't like the default behaviour of the engine, when it's printing shortened versions of postings at the home page. Moreover, dereferencing links on that page is an awful feature. So, I've run into the engine and changed the_excerpt() function to the_content() one in files index.php, archive.php and search.php. Now it's ok. The following WordPress help topics were useful: The Loop, Changing Read More tag behaviour, however, I've not read them, just looked through.

Later on I'll backup and upgrade the engine to a new version. It'd nice to find proper colorizer for code-tag, preferably for Scheme and C# (the latest I'll update to handle Nemerle-code). I have also to look how to print tags (not html ones) near a posting. And does the latest engine's version support OpenID?

Updating Nemerle 7860 -> 8060 rev.

June 30th, 2008 by Ivan Lakhturov | 0 Category: Programming | Tags: |

Just updated the compiler and integration from revision 7860 to 8060. Had no chances to look carefully for changes in this big gap, only read the log, and what I noticed is the following.

Compiler: a fix for incremental rebuild (7883), which should preserve a bit more time while building now. Extension methods should be now externally visible (7893). Filter method for Hashtable is implemented (7917). Some tweaks for locations (7956, 7970, 7980, 7982), some changes for literals parsing (8045), those should be good for refactoring features. The integration is merged into the compiler trunk (8060)!

Integration: new batch for building appeared (7952). Highlights for tail calls (7967). Rename refactoring (7968 etc.): good work by Sergei Tulentsev, regardless of the feature maturity (I'll check it out later). 'Go to type' navigation feature (7969). Inline refactoring (7990), I'm already interested. Some WPF support (8017). April CTP (8018), currently the last, I guess. VS2005 support is dropped (8018), quite a decision, I'd rather say.

Building of the compiler (with help of Compiler\buildandreg.cmd) passed all the stages flawlessly. Compiling the integration (Compiler\VsIntegration\build_dev.cmd), there are warnings about circular dependencies, but as I remember, that's some glitch from the past that is not breaking anything, but hard to circumvent. In other respects the integration builds without obstacles, that's good.

Opening my pet project under VS2008 with an experimental hive ("C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\Common7\IDE\devenv.exe" my-pet-project.sln /rootsuffix Exp /RANU)... success. Building... errors... obviously, some references fell off (referenced namespace 'System.Runtime.Serialization.Formatters.Soap' does not exist). Adding them back, compiling, success.

Jumping from Error List and Output windows to a source doesn't work now. Checking out Rename refactoring for a local variable: it's working, cool! Inline refactoring: doesn't work. Anyway, that's a good
startup. Ok, I'll proceed another day.