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Plans for future

February 16th, 2009 by Ivan Lakhturov | 0 Category: Linux, Programming | Tags: | | | |

Nemerle is waiting, but it have to wait more, while I'm learning Scheme. I have a plan to solve some problems from Project Euler, first with brute-force (however, it is not always possible), then using smarter ways, and post some solutions here under the tags "projecteuler" and "scheme".

Another thing, I am setting up currently a Gentoo Linux system on my workstation, so, some postings about this will come under the tag "gentoo". One of the reasons to install it is an unexpected difficulty with SATA-drives under Windows. The motherboard (Asus M3N78-VM) supports SATA-devices in three modes: SATA (only three accessible), RAID and AHCI. The latest is preferable for me, as I need more than three drives.

It was understandable when WinXP 64-bits (I didn't try any 32-bits systems, as I need more than 4 Gb of RAM) refused to work in AHCI-mode despite all my tricks with this and that, particlularly, manufacturer's drivers embedding with the nLite tool. But when Vista x64 with proper drivers could not load after switching m/b into AHCI, I decided that it's time to try Linux again. I prefer Gentoo, one of the most hardcore distributions available.

Plan for this blog

June 30th, 2008 by Ivan Lakhturov | 0 Category: Programming | Tags: | |

This blog will be devoted solely to my programming trials, in particularly with the Nemerle programming language and its integration subproject with Visual Studio. I have little time now for doing that, as I am currently a Ph.D. student in the Netherlands (mathematical physics), but I'm interested very much e.g. in implementing refactoring for Nemerle.

I already spent around a year (of leisurely work) for the Nemerle integration project and implemented for instance such features, as Find usages, Highlight symbol and a mini-framework for extensive testing of such stuff. Then I made a large break in playing with the integration (however, continuing with Nemerle itself) lasting up to now, and I'm planning to proceed with it, contributing from time to time.